Company Profile

Baifendian Group established in 2009 is China’s leading provider of big data technology and application service. It has 650 existing employees, including 2 finalists of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, more than 30 doctors and a research and development team of over 300 people who are from top universities, both in China and abroad. And the chief scientist team is composed of several Chinese international top academics.

Over the past seven years, BAIFENDIAN adhered to independent innovation, precipitated the empowering enterprises with big data technology and applications, over hundreds of software works, patents and technology innovations. The product line of BAIFENDIAN has already covered technology, management and application of big data. The core products include Big Data Operating System (BD-OS) of technology, User Tag Management of management, Recommendation Engine, Marketing Engine and Analytics Engine of applications. As an empowering enterprise with big data technology and applications, BAIFENDIAN always concentrates on meeting the market demand for massive heterogeneous data integration and application, in order to help the enterprise to manage data assets and realize the value efficiently.

At present, BAIFENDIAN has provided Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) of big data technology building platform and big data practitioner for nearly 2,000 enterprises. The clients of BAIFENDIAN are many leading enterprises, covering the fields of manufacturing, finance, automobile, retail trade, FMCG, electronic business, media, government and other industries, such as HUAWEI, TCL, CHANGHONG, China Construction Bank, China CITIC Bank, WANGFUJING Department Store, By Health, YIHAODIAN, China Business News and Z-Park Online etc. Meanwhile it has already carried out strategic alliance cooperation with international IT giants as Microsoft, HUAWEI and HP etc, to design solutions together for customers.

Technology, applications and data are three core competitiveness of BAIFENDIAN. In technology, it has mature big data technology and management platform, high-powered real-time and offline computation, abundant algorithm libraries and business models; in application, it has a full-service driven products system based on three core engines to help enterprise to unearth the business value of big data; in data, it settles out 55 million User Profiles and 10 million Product Profiles, and devotes itself to fuse data, promote the circulation of data and eliminate enterprise information isolated island with protecting user privacy and data security of the premise. 

In September 2015, BAIFENDIAN had raised the Serious D round of capital about 40 million invested by EVERYBRIGHT SECURITIES, it will go deep into industries to vertical solution and drive enterprise to transfer to Cloud offering.